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Starter Plants

Starter Plants

Dickman Farms is an exclusive supplier to Ball Horticultural Company. This means we have a strong partnership with Ball as one of the largest 'Specialty Garden Plants' network suppliers. We grow over 1500 items for Ball from vegetative annuals in a 102 and 50 tray, to geraniums in a 50 tray, to MixMaster and Trixi multi species 50 tray.

At Dickman Farms we take great pride in the plants we sell through Ball's North American sales force. Our plants find their way to all 50 States and Canada weekly.

Many of the plants we produce are shipped to us as cuttings from Ball Horticultural operations in the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Uganda, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Israel. The stock plants from which these cuttings are harvested are grown under exacting standards and rigid sanitary protocols. This means the rooting process begins with a clean, healthy, uniform cutting.

Our production staff plants cuttings into liner trays, which are then moved into the appropriate propagation section. The liner trays are grown in a computer-controlled environment utilizing radiant floor heat and sophisticated irrigation and climate control regimens. We maintain a high level of sanitation and meticulous cultural practice to insure that each rooted liner remains in top quality condition.

Liner trays are shipped on our fleet of temperature controlled trucks, FedEx and commercial airline. Ninety percent of what we produce ships on our trucks. For trays that do not, we carefully package each tray in strong Fed Ex approved cartons to ensure our plants safely and securely reach their destinations.

We consider each and every Ball customer to be our customer as well. You are welcome to contact us with any question, comment or suggestion you may have.

Thank you for considering Dickman Farms for your Specialty Garden and Perennial Plant needs.

Thank You For Your Interest in Dickman Farms

We invite you to join Club Dickman as well — by joining Club Dickman you will receive the following member benefits:

  • Weekly Email with Smart Gardening Tips
  • Receive our Birthday Card and Take 10% Off Your Total Purchase During Your Birthday Month
  • 10% Off Workshop Registration (see store for details)
  • Special Member Events & More