Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

About us...

Dickman Farms is a fourth generation family owned business located in the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York.  Dickman Farms owns over 10 acres of modern greenhouse structures and over 5 acres of outdoor growing area, growing more than 1700 varieties of plants and employing an average of 60 employees year round.

Wholesale Division
The greenhouses are one of the largest propagating and rooting stations for annuals and perennials in the northeast, with plant cuttings from distant locations such as Brazil, El Salvador, Germany, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uganda, Guatemala and Israel, that once rooted, are shipped to growers throughout the country to be grown to full retail size.

Our greenhouses are bustling December through March.  We believe in teamwork and technology and operate with custom software, top of the line irrigation systems, environmental controls, and bar-code tracking for inventory control.  We produce and grow over 10 milliion starter plants each year.  These starter plants are then shipped to other growers in the United States.  During this time, the number of individuals working at Dickman Farms increases to close to 100.

Internship Program
Dickman Farms is seeking college students wishing to advance their academic experience.  Dickman Farms offers students practical experience in a state-of-the-art growing facility.  Dickman Farms requires a cover letter explaining your interest in the horticulture industry, specifically focusing on Dickman Farms for your internship.  Dickman Farms offers internships throughout the year.  Please submit your application at least six weeks prior to your desired season.  Please contact us for addtional information.


Retail Division
Dickman Farms Garden Center is destination Garden Center in the Finger Lakes Region.  We take great pride in offering our customers quality plants in a naturally beautiful shopping ennvironment.  We are all about people, plants and community.  We are a company proud is heritage and passionately committed to providing a great work environment.




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